Non-Profit Marketing

Ellora Nandi is a Digital Marketing expert with a passion for non-profit marketing.  She has a background in digital marketing, graphic design, photography, website design, and content creation.  She values learning, team work, relationship building, and promoting missions that better local and global communities.    

However, in a competitive world of digital marketing, how can a start-up and non-profit thrive.  This is the challenge that Ellora wants to help solve.  Through use of her skills, Ellora will work with these groups to produce competitive digital marketing campaigns. Despite the challenges, through strategic content creation, increasing awareness through guest blogging, just to name a few strategies they can make an impact on their community. 

However, strategic planning is just the start. In addition to consulting in strategic planning and implementation, Ellora will assist these groups with measuring the performance and impact of their marketing campaigns.

About Ellora Nandi

On a personal level, Ellora loves reading, travel, volunteering, photography, and creative expression.  If they involve learning, travel, and leadership, she finds it especially interesting.  Learning from intelligent, driven people is always a great opportunity!  On this website she will also share learnings on leadership and specific information that will provide value.

Want to know more about Ellora’s skills and interests?  Visit her personal LinkedIn and Instagram profiles, or contact her through the contact form.

We look forward to working with you!